A Chain Reaction

A Chain Reaction


Long time no talk babes, SO much fun has happened in the past week and I am just riding this wave of positive vibes, perserverence and happiness. One fun thing that happened last week was my debut on Good Morning Texas, modeling HM x ERDEM. So much fun yet soooo nerve wrecking to be on live.television. holy crap. Also had the chance to meet the beautiful Demetria Obilor and all I have to say is fix your crown boo. If ya'll haven't heard about this story, basically some woman said she was going to boycott channel 8 news here in Dallas, TX because she didn't like the way Demetria Obilor's clothes fit her and thought her hair was unprofessional. Ha! The girl is gorgeous and is confident in the body God gave her! Shoot I will gladly take some of her curves anyday. True definititon of #Blackgirlmagic and who cares what a jealous hater has to say. 

Negativity is a chain reaction. But get this, so is living your life POSITIVELY in peace and happiness with love. 

Definitely a major key I have learned this year. 


Moving on to this outfit babes! Today's OOTD is all about that cinched waist.....oh and the pop of curl! #YAAAAS headwrap!

I paired my classic style pencil skirt with this rustic black/mustard weaved sweater and cinched this waist with my favorite accessory as of late. #whatwaist JK, Im already a skinny minny but ya know....its the I LL U S I O N


cinch that waist girl