Back & Better | Feat. TOBI

Back & Better | Feat. TOBI

Hi Babes! 

Long time-no see…I mean talk! It has been sooooo long, in my dramatic head since I have blogged and chatted with you guys. I missed you…I missed the blogger life. Let’s just say a lot of LIFE has happened since April. Anyways..I digress until my next post. 

Where to start, if you take a look around, there isn’t much to see because I wiped everything away. “Fresh Start” and might I say it feels derrrrn good. 


I am so excited to get back into the groove of things and what better way to do that than shooting for cute clothes! I am so grateful and honored to get to work with

Bases in LA, they offer the trendiest clothes that give you all the cali feels- Whether you are beach babe’n it or taking DTLA my storm. I love that they have such a unique variety of clothing.

I literally *Kim Kardashian voice* could not choose!

As you will come to see, in my next two posts, all of the items are amazing…I mean the bell sleeves in my third post of my Tobi collab *screeches* sooo cute! 

This top I am so in love with! The color just suits my Melanin blessed skin and the details of the off shoulder separation and the details of the exposed zipper in the back caught my eye and I just had to grab.


Claudia Off Shoulder Crop Top- (HERE) 

Be sure to check out babes! Your closet, your wardrobe and your life will thank you….

See ya in my next post….Muah! 

XX, Jasmine Monee