BUNDLED…Pop that fur collar



bababaBRRRR. It is getting so cold here in Dallas. What the heck! 54 is the high today and that's what we woke up to. I have to say, that I am loving it though. There is an art to layering for the fall/winter chills and I think I found one of those pieces. I like to call them "Fur Collars" AKA Fur Scarfs...IDK Collar just sounds more chic to me. Anywho, fur collars are a hot nerw hit for this upcoming brr fest and I and loving it! 

In search for a winter coat last week, which I had no luck BTW.. I stumbled across a wall display of these pretty little things. There were some "Fun Fur" statements and your typical, brown/black gray.Then it clicked! 

I can diy my own winter jacket. I mean really, through one of these over your day to day jean jacket, leather jacket, etc... and instant warm and not to add uniqueness

I spotted out some cute ones that I wanted to share with you all so scroll below to shop until your fur collar pops!