DIY | How to Create your own Terrarium!

DIY | How to Create your own Terrarium!

Hey Babes!

So in today’s blog post, I am going to be showing you all how I created my own magical terrarium! I had so much fun doing this and am excited to make so many more! My vision for my first terrarium came to life and I am so excited to share with you all.

While everyone was out fist pumping and drinking green beers this past Saturday for St. Patrick’s Day, I was out at the farmers market and  visited crafts stores, prepping to make a night of peace and zen at home making terrariums and canvas art (which will be featured in a dfferent post.) while watching movies and eating wingstop.

What I love about any DIY is that to each his own. Especially with terrariums because you are making the many choices from succulents,. to stones  to eaven customizng your own sand.

I visited a  Farmer’s Market acrosss town from me called ,Rubials Rosmeade  Market. They are fairly inexpensive and have GORGEOUS plants/pottery, crystals and so much more. This is my second time visiting them there and I think it is now my home for fresh plants and pottery. I still have to decorate my balcony and inside my home so I will be paying them many more visits soon. 

  • Sidenote-If you want to skip all the DIY hoopla, you can shop some of these cute terrariums I found below!

Any who…Here’s the “HOW TO”” click each circle to see the step-by step instructions.

Step One: Pour in your gravel. I am really not sure why this step is needed but I believe the associate I was working with said it was to hold the dirt in place or to level up your dirt and prevent leaks. I am really not sure and just did this step blindly per her suggestion.

Step Two: Pour in your dirt. An associate suggested that I use this Organic Cactus Mix and noted that it is perfect for creating terrariums when working with succulents and cacti.

Step 3: Root your plants in the dirt and top off with gravel to secure. This step is optional but I love how the gravel offsets my white sand that I added on last.

Step Four: add your accessories. I chose this beautiful  black crystal and this raspberry colored flat stone.

I  have linked a few GEO themed terrarium glassware below.  Inspo for you and for my next terrarium DIY…I want  to make like 50 of these. They are so cute and I had so much fun.


XOXO, Jasmine Monee

This post is not sponsored by Rubials Rosmeade Market, I just love them.