Feelin’ like a BAWSE!

Feelin’ like a BAWSE!

You ever hear Justin Timberlakes "I'm bringing sexy back"?

Yeah well I feel like I've got my style back. ya know..like my creative juices are flowing and I am loving it.

Bad example...eh, maybe. But that tune just popped in my head when I was thinking to myself.."I've got my fashion back."

Still a no? okay, well moving on. Popping in again to share with you all today my #OOTD. I mean honestly, its the only positive thing about me living over an hour away from work right now. I have to leave S U P E R early to miss all the traffic...BUT I make it in time with 30 minutes to spare. Which means 30 minutes to snap a few pics. I mean can't let a cute outtie go to waste, am I right?

  • It's all about making the most of my time and the most of the hours in my day... say it with me..PRO DUC TIV ITY.


XOXO, Jasmine Monee