HE LOVES ME. he loves me not

HE LOVES ME. he loves me not

He loves me. He loves me not...He loves me!

Ahhh, love is in the air. OR should I say Valentines Day. The day of kisses and candy with your boo, shots with your girls or pizza and movie with your dern self. (2018 no cursing resolution: JUDGE ME NOT).

Anywho, no matter what your situation my be, the time always comes for an "outfit" amirite?

Well ladies...and ladies, the Zaful valentines day sale is the place to shop. I have been shopping at Zaful for a few years now and they have never steered me wrong. They have the trendiest clothes and alot of unique finds as well. I still get questions/compliements on a few statement pieces I bought from them last year.

They have a tons of valentines day deals that you won't leave their website without finding the perfect piece or two piece. Oh! I failed to mention they have gifts...gifts for you, him or...YOU.

To make it easy, I have added a few of my favorites. All images are linked as well!

The Zaful Valentine's Day sale 2018 has soooo many cute finds at amazing prices. I am all for balling on a budget. I mean that "Gucci" inspired is a steal and it comes in more color options. 

They also have sexy lingerie pieces such as the ones I noted in my favorite finds above and here (below). 


See you babes in my next post...going to get ready for valentines day ! XOXO, Jasmine Monee