Lady in RED …lip | Feat. LipSense

Lady in RED …lip | Feat. LipSense

Now y’all know I love a good lip! For the most part I tend to be bias against lippies that are not matte and long lasting…I have such long days sometimes and expect the lip that I am wearing to be able to keep up…canigetanamen?

Thats when I was contacted by friend @LastingLipsMichelle on Instagram, I number one would never turn down a lip trial and number two was so curious to test out the hype of this said to be, longest lasting lip product!

Not only that but, you know how you get caught up in your current beauty products and you’re afraid to test the waters because #NONEWFRIENDS…yep that’s me.

Lets just say now…Love Love Love

The Application:

So, the Senegence Cosmetics Lipsense products I received was my two lip colors in Blu Red and Nutmeg, Ooops Remover, Matte Glossy Gloss and Glossy. The application is the tricky part to make this magic work.

With my lips being so, uhm...H U G E, I did find it a bit trivial to only swipe once when applying each layer. I had to do half my lip at a time, even so, still amazed at how it worked. After I applied about 4 layers I then topped it with the Glossy Gloss and voila.

I went to work, I ate, I came home and it was still on like donkey kong. It definiely helps bring the glossy gloss along with you for whenever you may need to get that shine back.

The Removal

This product was so hard to come off!! I dont know if i was doing something wrong but whew, It took me a good sec to rub it all off using the Ooops Remover. I tried oil and makeuo wipes…still nothing! Looking back on it now, I think I should have used the Ooops Remover with some lip scrub, that would have done the trick. Depending on how you see it, this could be a pro or a con…pro for date nights and long work days.  Con for when you’re tired as snot and just want it to COME OFF.

Nonetheless, I love this product and would highly recommend to all my babes out there. They have so many colors to offer. I do want to thank @LastingLipsMichelle for allowing me to try the LipSense products! Make sure you all check out Senegence Cosmetics and contact @LastingLipsMichelle on Instagram if you are interested in trying them out!!


XOXO, Jasmine Monee




  1. August 16, 2017 / 11:03 pm

    Yes, it is so hard to get off! But I love LipSense. I need to try Nutmeg, I have Bella and Sassy Z 🙂

    • jasminemonee
      August 17, 2017 / 12:28 am

      Yes-true say! I love it too…I need to try those out! 🙂