Not For Running

Not For Running

As of late, I think my favorite "corporate" wear for work is track pants. Sounds a bit cliché'  doesn't it?

Well its true! My first test trial with wearing track pants was when I  was having one of those mornings where it  is  just rough and no outfit comes to mind. Probably a Monday. Yup, sounds about right.  If you remember, I did this post here where I ooo'd and ahhh'd about track pants as well. So yes, this is another one of thoooose posts.  Just incase you didn't get it the first time, I LOVE track pants. I mean come the office these are the dressed up version of sweatpants.  So, no nasty side eye or whispers when you walk around in these because, totally dress appropriate. LOL

Anywho, I won't ramble as much as I normally do but I just had to share with y'all some of my recent track pant favs that I have been eyeing. The ones I am wearing are from JCPenney in which I actually snatched these up back in November when I went black friday shopping with my Mom.  I really wanted these floral ones as well but that was pushing my pennies. 

Are these not super cute! These are from their Project Runway line and I spoooon over them. They are so comfy yet make such abold statment with that black stripe popping off the color. 

Keep scrolling to the bottom, these + more have been linked for you! 



What's your thoughts, babes?