Ripped & So Posh

Ripped & So Posh

Breaking the barrier. First track pants now distressed tees to corporate...and might I add, I am feeling POSH AF. I paired this #OOTD with my favorite mauve trousers from Forever 21 and my current thrift store obession, this DKNY blazer. This is such a cute way for all you stylish babes to wearing something out of your comfort zone. If you are going to wear a distressed tee, I would totally recommend toning it down with a blazer or jacket layer of some sort.

Iv'e worn this vintage DKNY blazer twice this week to work and its only Wednesday. #noshame I love the shoulder pads and they accent buttons. How about that for a fashion flashback.

I am just have so much fun with my style lately and it is true what they say, when you kook good you feel good and you tend to be more productive in your day. TBH...its all thanks to me hitting the hay early because if I was going was going to be late.. I would be looking crummy b u m m y. 

XOXO, Jasmine Monee