Slay your nails at home | My favorite press ons-lasts up to 2 Weeks

Slay your nails at home | My favorite press ons-lasts up to  2 Weeks

Hi babes,

I am all for saving a nickel and having to get my nails done every two weeks, at $40 each time,is not a good way of doing that…as I’m sure y’all know. Over the years I have tested and failed to find good, natural press on nails. All of them have the cutest designs but fail the test of staying on for more than two days max. As I am coming to find, %80 percent of that fail comesfrom the CHEAP glue. I would recommend you not use the little glue that comes with those cute press on nail packs because you will be at work and next thing you know you almost pop someone in the eye with one of them…#almosttrue

Luckily I finally found my holy grail nails!! For a girl that likes to DIY..this is a big deal.

Its a huge pack of 100 nails and I have been able to do four new sets so far. I have done black, marble,red and my current nail,  dusty pink. The amazing thing about these nails is that they come in an oval shape that gives you the ability to file and shape as you please. They also come in a natural pink/clear color which means that you can where them “natural” and people will swear they were your real nails, or you can do what I like to do and polish them over.

So babes, here are all the nails that I have done so far using this one pack of nails. They promise up to 5 uses, so for $5 you get basically two+ months of nails. They are so easy to do and make for a good relaxing night when you just want to pamper yourself.

DIY Marble Nails- Harder than it looks!

Black out

Cherry Red

There you have it babes! Click the shoppable images below, save $40 every 2 weeks and get to getting your mani on!


XOXO, Jasmine Monee