#Workflow – Feat. YOINS

Babes, have you ever heard of Yoins? No, well its the newest online shopping haven that will leave your closet wanting more. I first saw/heard of Yoins by one of my favorite cast members on the show WAGS– Olivia Pierson. She is so gorg (see pic here,) and I always look to her and her cousin, Natalie Halcro when I want to feel bad about myself… ha, jokes but c’mon, they are gorg and their style gives me maaaaajor closet envy vibes, including the dress she wore from Yoins! Anywho, I digress because this post is about Yoins!

I love the fact that they carry all categories of clothing from glam dresses, to denim jackets and jeans , they have EVERYTHING you need. 

Yoins came about in 2014 and get this, their mission is “to give young people the opportunity to express themselves through high quality fashion at an affordable price.” Uhm, BRB to fill up my cart. 

I scouted out these cute sweaters for women you see above and this fabulous dress right below..#obsessing {All images are linked}

Join me and head on over to Yoins.com for your everyday/workflow needs. 

They have a fabulous fashion tops online sale and your closet will thank you.

XOXO, Jasmine Monee